Bento 46 – noodle and star fish cake

Today is the start of school’s first term holiday. Yes, an additional one hour sleep for the whole of 5 days!! 😀

I won’t be preparing bento for the kids. Maybe I’ll spend some time to do up a special one for moi with the newly acquired stuff. (The kitty mould and puncher that I ordered 2 weeks ago from a local store have arrived!!)

I just found out 2 more daiso outlets in vivo city and river vale. Went to vivo’s last Sunday. Here are my loot!

more lunch boxes, my first 2 cute baran/food divider - made in japan!
a close-up. the white ones and the one with brown lids have dividers in it.

These were last Friday’s bento. Sean didn’t eat the ‘ngoh hiong’ because of the tiny tiny pieces of carrot in it. He didn’t try even after coaxing from me. Sigh.. 😦

the noodle sauce is in the smaller container
see the 'tiniest' carrot bits in the 'ngoh hiong', beside the panda pick.


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