Late for school!

5:50 am .. Ok, I still have 10 mins before the phone alarm goes off.. Just closed my eyes for a while… Ah bliss , I was earlier than the alarm 🙂 Zzzz

Knock, knock… Ling ah.. 7o’clock!! FIL called. OMG!! Checked phone, it’s 7:13 to be exact.. I need not say more.. I shot up from bed, no bento today for sure.. and S’s daddy drove him to school! It’s the first time in his school life he was late. “why didn’t you wake me up at six?” he asked me. Ah, er, … Because mommy overslept?

No bento posting today.

Sean made these for his art work, doodling art. The small one is him and the bigger one is mommy! 🙂 so sweet…


One thought on “Late for school!

  1. haha.. late?? i woke up at 10am .. hehe. sean’s artwork is pretty cool.. but i guess there’ll never be one for AC 😦

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