bento 45 – fried rice n fish nuggets

Wanted to do a quick sandwich this morning but Sean didn’t want.

There was some leftover rice in the rice cooker so fried rice lor! Added an egg, fish nuggets, fish balls and top it off with pork floss! Seasonings used- light soya sauce and sesame oil. Not bad, haha… I ‘taxed’ a few small spoonfuls.

I didn’t prepare food for myself. Moi visiting the kitty shop at toa payoh with colleagues today (during lunch) ;P. Want to get a kitty earphone, we’ll see if there’s any other cute and cheap stuff! Potong tangan! haha….

Mei, u want? I buy for you since I can’t buy for myself! Haha..

imagine a big 'smiley' line below the 'eyeballs'!
same food as sean's. added some grapes and 'star' nutella sandwich. the kitty container contained more nutella.
mama and dada, made from one half of fishball.

2 thoughts on “bento 45 – fried rice n fish nuggets

    1. Yes ! I like the way you ended the sentence .. Yet. Kitty got chance! Haha…
      Didn’t get anything today. All the barang barang didn’t call my name.. 😦

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