bento 44 – fried udon

Cooked fried udon with wotchershire (spelling?) sauce. I’ll have to get the verdict from Sean and lily later.

I packed ‘ hiong pheng’, fish ball, egg and favourite crab stick for Karianne, in a brand new kitty lunch box. Kawaii neh?

sean's verdict - 'nice!'

my new loot!
'hiong pheng' and crab stick - karianne's all time favourite. the fishball and egg should be 'a girl'.. , if only i have time to stick on the details! sigh.. ;(
2 sets of bento here. one for lg.
all set to go!

2 thoughts on “bento 44 – fried udon

    1. Sabar! I’ll see u soon – 10 more days. yeah!!
      I’ll make yours the ‘prettiest’ hello money theme. .. hehee ;P

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