bento 41 – kitty n gang choco chips muffin

Missed this post, it should be before bento 40.

Sean wanted moi to bake double chocolate cake as he remembered a choco bar had been left in the fridge for a long time. He had wanted to eat it and stopped grumbling only when I told him it is only for baking.

I didn’t want to bake a cake , I want to use my precious kitty n gang moulds! I also do not want to use any machine to cream any sugar and butter.

Muffin, just measure and mix. That’s my kind of recipe.. 😀 Sean insisted cake, he said he wanted the soft ones not the hard ones like muffins… Kids, blah…

Muffin it is! Checked web for a new recipe and voilà 1and half hour later, 12+1 muffins. 4 kitties, 4 poohs, 4 mickeys and I cup( this would be mine for testing!)

Verdict- I overmixed, over baked- it was what sean said : HARD! 😦

It’s quite bland too. It could be because of the type of flour i used – wheat flour. Is this the same as multiple-purpose flour?

This recipe has very high ratings and reviewers just loved it. Not sure if I would give it another try though.


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