bento 40- bread with pork floss

Kept some of yesterday’s dinner dishes for today’s bento. Added some tomatoes and brocolli for colours. Experimented with normal rice to make a bear onigiri. Hey, the normal rice stuck together! Even after a night in frigde and later steamed. Ok, no need to cook sushi rice, just use leftover rice for kids cute onigiri.

Prepared simple porkfloss sandwichesfor the kids. Testing new designs / cartoon copied from Internet. Sean’s was a cat but both kids decided that it was a tiger, so tiger it is. Sean asked why the tiger had 3 legs! O_o !$#

I wanted to sprinkle some colourful flower shaped confetti ? on Karianne’s bread but ran out of time, which also explained why my poor bear onigiri had no eyes and nose!

Actually I tried looking for the confetti but cannot find it. Just cannot recall where I kept it!! Argh…


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