bento 39-udon and mini kitty

I bought a packet of udon from ntuc supermarket. It was on offer, $2.35 or somewhere near. Inside, there are 3 individually wrapped udon. I cook one, enough for Sean and moi. Yes! Bento lunch for me, 1st since ?? Cny?

Strangely, I don’t have any inspiration to decorate this morning. ( after the fact that I went all the way to daiso and Kai Kai gift store yesterday and invested a fair bit in bento boxes and kitty stuffs)!

I packed my bento stuff yesterday night. I have accumulated 3 big containers of bento stuff!! i should stop buying liao, well , unless they are super cute or super cheap >.< .. I would create a page for my bento loot, including details like date of purchase, place and $$$.

So far, I used mostly cookies cutters for bread, vegetables, fruits and cookies. I should start experimenting with rice moulds. Bear bear, bunny, kitty, doggy, etc. But must cook rice leh, where got time. May need to prepare the night before and/or wake up at 5am. Heart willing but body may not! Haha…


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