Hello kitty anyone?

I am in a kitty craze again…

It all started with wanting to do kitty mooncakes! A colleague made these the year before. So my hunt for the kitty moulds began..baking shops, kitty shops, misc shops, asking around yielded no answer.

Where next do I look up for a kitty mould? Of course! The migthy Internet, where else?

And this is how I stumbled upon charaben/kyaraben bento. Kitty and more kitty, bento boxes, cutters ,rice moulds, cake moulds, sauce containers, more and more…. The kitty products are just endless! And these are just under one category, bento stuff!

At last, no kitty mooncakes but I had bought or shall I say collected much much more than the mooncakes mould! I had 2-3 containers (big ones) of bento, baking and sushi stuff. Not only kitty’s stuff but other cute ones as well. I will blog and try to catalog them another time.

Now I have graduated to kitty’s electrical stuff! Haha.. When can this end? I am not a teenager but I am deeply under her (kitty, of course ) spell! Anyone knows how to break this ‘kong tau’?

My newly acquired kitty stuff.


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