pineapple tarts and mini gingerbread man battle

I finally did it ! Also just in time..phew.

Started preparing at 8pm and managed to get to bed only at 4.46am!! I ‘k kiang’ and had wanted to do 3 types of cookies! I would have pulled this off if my oven has 2 or 3 racks instead of just one. Baking one tray at a time wasted lots of time and electricity!! Hmmm.. Time to look for a bigger oven? 🙂

Brought some for colleagues. ll commented that the tarts will be softer when older.

I was a zombie when I woke up this morning at 6am. S wanted an udon bento but I really had no more energy. I just packed a packet of Wang Wang seaweed rice crackers, 2 pineapple tarts and 2 mini gingerbread man for him. He was ok with that.

I attended k’s inagural cny party at 4pm today. She was so excited and insisted that I go. S went too. Mama did not go as she already made two trips to the school plus the sun is scortching hot! I bought dry snacks for the children.


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