bento 26 – choco chip muffin and bread sushi

Caught the baking bug again! Made 2 muffin recipes yesterday, a chocolate chip and a blueberry one.

I didn’t want to pack 2 muffins for the kids and one is surely not enough. Why not add bread sushi! I had this idea of spreading the bread with nutella and roll it up, then wrap with a strip seaweed. Voilà- a bread sushi! The bread broke when I tried a few weeks ago but it was ok this time. Maybe the bread was too old or dry earlier.

I m going out for dinner with an ex-colleague tonight, so no bento for me. Yes, again another night out!! Feeling a bit guilty Liao… Leaving the kids at home.. For the third time in two weeks! 😦

chocolate chip pooh
blueberry kitty
guess! choco chip or blueberry?

k loves grapes, only seedless ones!
wrapped some for lg

Update: this is what I had for lunch. Light, super light! :


2 thoughts on “bento 26 – choco chip muffin and bread sushi

  1. kitty is a persian designer cat lol!

    my colleague introduced this crereal to me.
    it’s made of healthy instant grain (grind and in powder form), just add with water, mix and voila.. ready to drink/eat!

    i’ll bring home a few packets for you to try, k . can lose weight if taken as meal supplement ! ;).

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