bento 24 – gingerbread man

S wanted rice today. Checked fridge and found a quarter bowl of yesterday’s leftover. So fried rice and added the usual fish balls and quail eggs.

I split the egg yolk and fried them separately to get 2 colours, yellow and white. I wanted to cut 2 Teddy bears but found out later it would not fit into the container. Used little man cutter instead.

Prepared egg sandwich for k. For her, I cut little man cheese and placed them on the bread as decor.

I went to phoon huat and spent more $$ to buy cookie cutters. Also bought a box of food markers. Thought it would save me precious time, marking intead of the painful process of ‘pasting’ nori on food. However the end result still can’t beat nori. You can see the difference in the pictures below.

i didnt take a close-up of those little men as they were poorly done up! i was late (as usual) so it was a very very rush job ;(

long bean and egg! i have not eaten this for a longgggg time 🙂


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