bento 22 – blind bears

Prepared noodle for S and myself. Was so engrossed in cooking that I totally forgot to make breakfast for s until he asked. Usually it’s Milo/bread or biscuits.

I prepared bread with nutella spread for k but NO time to stick on eyes. Her bears are all blind today! Haha…

Cupcakes are from colleague. I will learn to make nicer ones, my next fad? Saving them for the kids later tonight.

My mei mei just learnt she can comment in blogs !! Haha… And I have been wondering why she never ever leave one for me. :p and thank you… now, i am not so lonely anymore 🙂

blind bears, those m&ms are the flowers and nose - not eyes! this was taken using digi cam. so much clearer. i shall upload this way, after i complete my photography workshop in mar2010. akan datang. 😉


4 thoughts on “bento 22 – blind bears

  1. me mei mei = you or me mei mei = k?
    i am confused >.< hahaa…

    cupcakes nice to see, veryyyyyy fat to eat. the topping is butter!!!

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