bento 19

I slept early and woke up late, so another day with quick bentos! Simply fried rice with fish cake, Taiwan sausage and egg. I had the same fruits as the day before. I took some of the ‘sambal’ ikan bilis that mama cooked for breakfast.  

K didn’t want to bring fried rice to school. As I didn’t have enough time to cut and do ’embroidery’, i have asked mama to pack biscuits for her. Luckily k didn’t mind when I explained to her this morning (via phone).  

I think I will exceed my calories intake today. Dee made salad and lg made ham and cheese sandwich for me this morning.  

Shared salad with mama and I still have half of the sandwich, maybe for tea time. Can ham and cheese last that long? I’ll find out this evening, hehe…  

A C , can’t reach you online today! If you are reading this, ‘talk’ to me leh! So lonely here ;p  

s's bento, with nori punched food utensils and car


a closer look, taiwan sausage, yum yum


see how greedy i am, fried rice is burried in the 1st box 😉


newly bought lunch bag, kawaii neh?

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