bento 18

More ‘fast food’ bentos. Made nutella and ham bread, cooked sausage and egg for kids.

I had blueberries, grapefruit and strawberries for fruits, lettuce, boiled carrots, quail eggs and asparagus as highlight of today’s lunch. I didn’t know that the lower stalk should be peel, as they were too woody/fibrous to be chewed and swallowed . I threw almost all lower part of the asparagus away. 😦

Each of us had a quail egg. I used Italian dressing for my salad. It was yummy, if only I peel the asparagus , sighh… What a waste..

I cooked egg sheet (added some corn flour, sesame oil and salt) and boiled sausage and fish cake in the morning. The rest were prepare the night before.

Mil helped boiled the quail eggs in the morning.


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