bento 16

Arg.. Again lost the post…again reposting..

Phew! I successfully prepared 6 bentos. For 3 kids- s, k and sh. 3 adults, colleague lg, dee and moi.

Started with sandwiches, after tucking kids in and said our good nights. Used the usual stuff, cheese, ham, choco chips for eyes. Added mini tangerine and kiss kiss choco, K’s choice. Made a bunny by combining 2 bunny heads ( upside down) for s, a new tip learnt from reading aibento blog.

Next, prepared and cut the vegetables and sausages. Steamed them about 15 mins and 20 mins for the blue us potato.

So far so good. Next on the agenda- tomagoyaki / egg , sushi rice and it’s rice vinegar. I just cleaned, soaked rice and measured the rice vinegar seasonings.

There, done. All I have to do the next morning was to cook rice and it’s mixture, make sushi and add nori decor. All planned!

Check – tIme taken 11:00pm to 1am!! I love doing this so don’t find it a chore, but I am damn TIRED.

After touching all the food and standing, I was hungry. Hubby n moi ate instant noddles for supper. I ended up sleeping at 3am. I got up at 5.45! I want to zzz… now.

Note: k cried yesterday night and said she wanted to go msia. She missed her a c !! 😦


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