bento #15

I thought i’ll save time if i prepared the bread the night before. But it turned out i spent much more time, by taking my time to prepare. I started after the kids are in bed around 10:30pm. I finished at around 1, in the morning!

Well, I did a lot more than just cutting the bread. I prepared fried rice stuff, pre-punched some nori/seaweed shapes. Cut some fruits too! Take some bread pictures, etc , etc… Placed the ‘shaped’ bread in fridge because I used cheese.

K didn’t want to take fried rice and wanted just nutella in the new kitty case.

Fruits packed for today are blueberry, orange and kiwi. Fried rice ingredients are fish ball, fish cake, egg, quail eggs . Snacks and decor , carrots, m&ms, choco chips and nori.

Can u guess which bento boxes belong to who?


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