orange muffins

I woke up early on sun and decided to do some baking since hubby didn’t show interest to go cycling.

Baked orange muffins using half of the basic non dairy recipe. Below is the variation i made, trial and testing method –

Added two –
Orange zest
Orange juice
1/2 tsp mixed spices
Some chopped walnuts

Reduced 1/2 the water n sugar and omitted vanilla essence.

I quite liked it! i think the mixed spices made a difference. will try out apple and cinnamon next.

Next menu, butter cookies. I only have 100g of butter in the fridge, just enough for one batch. k helped me to sprinkle some choco chips.

lastly, cooked 2 cups of rice and made 4 rolls of sushi. made 2 rolls with mostly boiled stuff, i.e., fish cakes, hot dogs, crab meat. the balance 2 rolls with carrot, cucumber and mayonaise (because kids didn’t like these).

Missions accomplished by 12 pm. =)


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