bento #1

I stumbled upon charaben bento (while looking for kitty cake mould) n totally fell in love with this new hobby. Love the cool bento tools n of course the cute characters, including hello kitty, no less!

Here it is, my lunch. This is actually my second try on charaben bento. Nothing to shout about but it’s a start!! can u see the sheep?

note: I didnt take photo for the first, which was made for the kids home lunch. “a snowy white” theme because no veg is ‘allowed’, – rice balls made into bear and bunny, moulded eggs – chicken eggs, quail eggs, fish balls – white, white, white, but the kids loved their first charaben bento their mommy made.. awww how sweet!


Yes! I did take the pics.. don’t laugh.. But u can grin 🙂 hey, it’s my 1st try!!


4 thoughts on “bento #1

  1. Nice first two bentos! I started making the eggs too but not into a bento but just to add into some stew. I guess that was the easiest. And also the octopus sausages! Looking at all your bentos now you’re now a maestro!!! I have lots to learn from you!

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